A seamless discovery experiences

Instant result search


By analyzing user behavior and preferences, Relewise Search provides personalized results to every shopper. The search engine ensures that results are sorted by user’s brand preference, are available in preferred size, match other products in the basket, etc.

Word classification

Relewise analyzes all words during indexing and can classify different types of words. Knowing which words are subjects and which are descriptive further enhances the quality of the delivered search results.


Spelling corrections and stemming

Research has shown that up to 25% of user searches are misspelled. Advanced text analysis including spelling corrections and stemming ensure an uninterrupted user journey by always understanding the user intent.

Explorative search term prediction

Speed up the search process and avoid “No results” searches with explorative search term predictions. Guide users with real-time type-ahead prediction both for single words as well as full sentences.


Feature search

Search and find products matching specific sizes, measures, colors, or any other product property. Features are automatically recognized by the search engine and searched to provide the user with the most relevant results.


Tailor search results to fit the business rules that you define. Provide relevant results while also highlighting products by popularity, higher profit margins, specific brands, etc. using the Relewise merchandising engine with search.

Customer intent data and insight

Information about all interactions users perform, including search queries are persisted by Relewise. Data can be exported, combined with data from other sources, and analyzed i.e. in PowerBI. Some data is also directly available through Relewise Analyzers.